Managing Discipline

This half-day course is designed for those with responsibility for dealing with all levels of discipline. Its objective is to develop managers’ skills and confidence in conducting employment investigations, holding disciplinary and appeal meetings.

The course will cover legal and practical aspects of managing discipline and demonstrate the importance of fairness and consistency in the application of the organisational rules and procedures.

Course content

  • Dealing with conduct issues informally
  • When it is appropriate to move from informal action to the formal process?
  • Conducting effective workplace investigations
  • When might it be appropriate to suspend an employee?
  • Managing formal discipline including:
    Drafting letters and framing allegations of misconduct
    Knowing what information and evidence should be shared in advance of the disciplinary meeting
    Understanding the law on the right to be accompanied and the rights of the accompanying person
    Holding effective disciplinary meetings and making fair and reasonable decisions
    What should be included in a warning or letter of dismissal?
    Managing the appeal process
  • The law on unfair dismissal and the LRA Code of Practice on Disciplinary (and Grievance) Procedures
  • Note taking and retention of records

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