EEF NI Annual Employment Law and HR Conference 2021

Our flagship Annual Employment Law and HR Conference will take place on Thursday 10 June 2021 from 10.00am to 2.45pm.  This year the Conference will again be held online.

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace and this year’s Conference will focus on the most current and topical issues facing employers and HR professionals. Our line-up of speakers will provide expert advice, and insightful and thought provoking ideas for you to build on.

Cost: Members £40.00 +VAT / Non Members £55.00 +VAT

Our sessions

  • Legal updates and latest caselaw developments: Throughout the day our team of inhouse legal advocates will share recent and forthcoming legal changes, together with the latest case-law developments.
  • New right to work checks, the sponsorship scheme, and international business travel: The challenges of Brexit are ongoing. The EU Settlement Scheme will end on 30 June 2021 and new employee right to work checks will be introduced from July 2020. This session will provide guidance on all things Brexit to include: new right to work checks; the sponsorship scheme; and international business travel.
  • Menopause and work: This session will look at the impact menopause can have on women as they progress through this transitional phase in their lives. The session will provide practical insights on menopause and work and what employers should be doing to get their workplace talking menopause.
  • The Legacy of Covid in the Workplace: There will be a lasting impact of the pandemic in the workplace. This session will consider issues such as testing, vaccination rules, vaccine passports, working remotely and flexibly and the ending of furlough.
  • Rebel ideas- the power of diverse thinking: In this session we will examine the power of rebel ideas – diverse thinking. Understanding these differences in thinking, and how to harness them, enables teams to tackle problems in new ways and increases team innovation & productivity.
  • Allay (UK) Ltd v Gehlen: Raising the bar on the reasonable steps defence: The widely reported discrimination case of Allay (UK) Ltd v Gehlen will have concerned employers in relation to the statutory defence and in particular how high the bar is when relying on the reasonable steps defence. This session will consider the case decision and give practical advice on anti-harassment policies, who to train and when, and what more you can and should do to protect your organisation and make your policies fit for purpose.
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing: Covid has highlighted the importance of good mental health and wellbeing. We will share the latest research on ways to support positive change including learning how to strengthen resilience and managing the stress response using the latest developments in neuroscience.


EEF NI Legal and ER Team:

Michelle McGinley Employment Lawyer

Karen Moore Employment Lawyer

Kathryn O’Lone Employment Lawyer

Lorraine Toolan Head of EEF NI Employment Training Services

Guest speakers

Tim Thomas is a qualified solicitor, who spent over 10 years working in industry with employer organisations, most recently with Make UK. He is now a specialist consultant in international mobility, advising UK businesses on the implications of leaving the EU and the new UK/EU Trade agreement.  He advises on the commercial, employment and immigration implications of trade with the EU, helping UK employers implement change and overcome the legal and practical hurdles of providing services in Europe.

Siobhan Kearney of At One Wellbeing has spent over 25 years working across the community and voluntary sector in N.I. at senior leadership levels.  Prior to establishing At One Wellbeing, she spent over six years as CEO of AWARE, the depression Charity for NI. Siobhan is a fully trained and accredited Coach and is a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.  Over the past year Siobhan has been delivering workshops on the menopause to a range of audiences, to bring awareness of the impact this can have on women, as they progress through this transitional phase in their lives.

Andrew Toogood of Proclaim Consulting is an in-demand international keynote speaker, facilitator and consultant with over 20 years leadership experience. His approach is down to earth, engaging with a natural ability to motivate & inspire. Andrew gained significant commercial experience over a decade working in senior roles in Corporate Banking. HIs experience of managing teams and clients across different countries as well as development and implementation of business development strategy for global companies gives Andrew a clear insight into the issues facing leaders today. Andrew is the only certified Whole Brain® Practitioner in NI, helping organisations leverage and apply cognitive diversity to improve business results.

Grainne Cochrane of Woodland Training Services has been designing and delivering training in the corporate world for over twenty-five years. Her background in Social Anthropology began a fascination with human behaviour and over the years she has researched and studied areas involving mental health and wellbeing alongside leadership and management development.  Grainne is also a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher.